26/30: Overheard in Cambridge – part 2

The GOAT is not the same as a goat.

Today, while serving beer and guac to table 23 I alllllmost had a goat/GOAT slip up. One of my jobs is in a super tech-y area of Cambridge. Most of the folks either work/study at MIT or work at one of the tech/finance/science companies nearby and most of the conversations get pretty deep into STEM-related content. There was a table of four guys on their lunch break, and as I was dropping off guac I overheard them talking about “dealing with the goats” and how it wasn’t actually as great as it seems.

In my non-STEM brain, I assumed these guys were talking about raising goats. Like, the cute lil animals you’d find on a farm. I almost made a comment about how my cousin raises goats and puts them into goat shows when suddenly…. one of the guys said “yeah, because if it wasn’t for Chase’s/BoA resume status and starting salaries, everyone would work at local banks.”

They were not talking about farm goats. They were talking about the major banks (greatest of all time – GOAT).

Part of me kinda wishes that I interrupted their conversation about finance and accounting to talk about a goat farm in NC. Theres always next time.


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