We’re only tourists in this life,
Only tourists but the view is nice.

Hey y’all

My name is Aimee and I’ve been wandering around this planet for the past 28 years. This page started as a travel blog and has slowly transformed into my own e-journal where I write about walking into glass doors, dusty side streets, the perils of my dating life, throwing acorns, celestial yardbirds, etc… The possibilities are endless.

These posts are a way for me to remember all the shenanigans and they exist here for those who’d like to take a peek into my own little world.

I’ve been living in the same city for almost 3 years, I adopted a cat, and I’m currently going into debt in exchange for a bachelors degree in psych/labor studies. So, as a reminder, this is no longer a travel blog. It’s run by a student/waitress/Talking Heads enthusiast/sexual health fairy/bartender/cat-mom/roommate/friend-o/stranger on the red line.

^ It varies day-by-day.

Here’s a link to my first post ever —-> A more detailed explanation.

See ya.