12/30: Sea Poem?

Thinking about the Long Island Sound.

Throwing stones into the ocean as if they were the words I never spoke.

My body collapses into the salty embrace of the shoreline,

Feeling the force of the waves break against my spine.

Each rising wave gently sighing at the sight of my fragile body curled into the sand.

Each receding wave ran its hands through my hair as it rolled back into the sea.

The ocean rose as it inhaled ,

“My child, I’ve already taught you everything I know.” 

The ocean pulled away as it exhaled.

After all of these years, I still remain. 

My mind is never far. 

My body will always crave the salt of this coastline. 

My heart only knows how to navigate through storms. 

Capable of sailing through any hurricane, 

But incapable of ever docking.

Home has always been somewhere in between the crashing waves.


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