11/30: 100 things

  1. The million ideas that come to mind when you think of “100 things that make you happy”
  2. How we struggle to pick the first one because there are just so many things that deserve the #1 spot
  3. Mango smoothies
  4. Ripe pears
  5. Avocados with a perfect pit to ‘cado ratio
  6. When ducks do that cute little butt wiggle after getting out of the water
  7. Remembering to stay hydrated
  8. But also, going on a long walk with an iced coffee.
  9. The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller
  10. Finding mixtapes from 2013
  11. The smell of salt water
  12. Finding a really cool rock in a river
  13. Seeing shadows casted by the clouds on a mountain hike
  14. Getting out of the city and peeping nature of any sort
  15. The view from MIT to MGH
  16. Celebrating the decision to never “settle”
  17. Getting through 11 days of writing while also writing 4 final papers
  18. Remembering that I’m getting my associates in a few weeks
  19. Randomly taking a class and immediately falling in love with the subject
  20. Hedgehogs running in slow motion
  21. When adults get really excited about small animals
  22. Finding a pen that writes smoooooooooth – you know what I mean.
  23. The resilience of mint plants
  24. Bumble bees nestled into flowers
  25. Green spaces in urban areas
  26. My sister, Sage
  27. Strangers being kind to other strangers
  28. Meeting people where they are
  29. Not using others as a yard stick to your own success/faults
  30. Opening the window for the first time since last fall
  31. Hot coffee on cold mornings
  32. Reading old journals
  33. Taking photos with strangers in photo booths
  34. Tim Horton’s at 3am
  35. The crackle of fresh bread
  36. Freckles and dimples
  37. Porches
  38. Couchsurfing
  39. Banjo pickin’
  40. That one time I watched the sunset under an almond tree in Greece
  41. Realizing that we’re all just figuring life out as we go
  42. Pho on rainy days
  43. Nimbus (Humbaba) Stardust
  44. Color coordinated flashcards
  45. Having a 200+ day Duolingo streak
  46. Becoming a regular at a new cafe/bar/restaurant
  47. Liam’s closing solo at Bluegrass Monday
  48. Sharing nachos with a friend
  49. That delicious sandwich I bought in a laundromat in NOLA
  50. That moment when you finally finish a paper and get to close the 10+ open tabs
  51. Quinn the Dog
  52. “The Arrival of the Bee Box” and “Conversations Among the Ruins by Sylvia Plath
  53. Honestly, Sylvia Plath.
  54. Fig trees
  55. Urban foraging
  56. Finding books with notes and letters scribbled on inside cover page
  57. Finding recipes, business cards, or plants pressed in between pages as bookmarks
  58. Hitchhiking to the ocean
  59. Lolly’s Hut
  60. When people write poetry on stones and leave them in public spaces
  61. Hostel common areas
  62. Hearing/feeling the rumble of the T in Harvard Sq
  63. The black squirrels on Harvard’s campus
  64. The musicians on the bridge in the Commons
  65. As a former smoker, that post-arrival cigarette after a long day of traveling.
  66. When the sunlight hits a glass prism juuuuust right and casts rainbows all over a room
  67. Finding new budding leaves on your plants
  68. Meeting someone who also loves Ologies with Allie Ward
  69. Seeing art that just makes sense – almost like it was made just for you
  70. Crying in art museums
  71. Eating hummus at the Esplanade
  72. The atmosphere of an airport departure hall
  73. Chocolate from the French Broad chocolate lounge
  74. My forever crush on Western NC
  75. Thinking about moving back to Asheville
  76. Blueberry picking at Graveyard Fields (odd name, I know)
  77. Riding a bike to a Third Eye Blind concert
  78. Not smoking cigarettes
  79. The spider game with nursery kids
  80. The joy on a child’s face when they get to pick a really cool sticker
  81. Artsy-fartsy movies
  82. The colors of Darjeeling Limited
  83. That moment when Steve Zissou and the crew finally see the Leopard Shark
  84. Looking up from your phone on the subway
  85. Putting your phone on silent for days at a time
  86. Learning to respect your body
  87. Discovering that you really enjoy time by yourself
  88. Making a day trip to a specific coffee shop/bakery/restaurant
  89. All the trails I’m going to hike this summer
  90. All the water I will swim in
  91. Being fully vaccinated
  92. Finally putting my climbing shoes back on after a year in quarantine
  93. Hand callouses
  94. Not knowing what I’ll write about tomorrow
  95. Finding a calendar entry that just says “claw machine queen” without any context
  96. Celebrating the minor things that deserve SO much more credit
  97. Sending antique postcards to friends in Oregon
  98. Getting a handmade sling shot in the mail as a response
  99. The sound of passing cars on a nearby freeway in a foreign city
  100. Writing this list and realizing these are only the things that came to mind, today.

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