23/30: Facial Expressions

Anyone else kinda bummed about the mask mandate being lifted?

I’m happy to be free from foggy glasses, and constantly living in fear of getting a super weird tan line across my face BUT I’m a little worried about my facial expressions. Not the weird ones we all make under our masks, that will be an easy fix. I’m talking about the variety of unchecked expressions I’ve been freely making in response to customers/strangers. I just got off from a 10 hour shift – someone asked my why we haven’t started accepting bitcoin, a woman sent back a marg because she didn’t like lime, and throughout the night, I got hit on by four creepy dudes all from different tables at different times.

In all of these situations, they just saw a pair of blank eyes staring back at them. The interaction would’ve went a lot differently if the mask was off.

I’ve been working in restaurants since I was 17 years old, and retail since I was 16. Anyone that’s worked in any customer service job understands the art of putting on a brave face everyday and dealing with all sorts of different customers. I’ve gotten so used to having half my face hidden that I’ll need to retrain myself to smile/nod at everything, or at least keep a neutral face until I walk away.

Anyone that’s heading into a restaurant/any customer service-related job over the next few weeks, please don’t be offended by our unrestrained facial expressions.

and don’t forget to tip your server/bartender/barista/counter person/etc.


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