21/30: Being 27

Thank you, John Denver.

I thought this was going to be my first year of being an adult without having a song dedicated to being that age. You know, like how Taylor Swift sings about being 22, and how “no one likes you when you’re 23.”

I couldn’t think of a single song that had the year 27 in it. At some point over the winter, I was driving around Salem with a friend who recommended that we put on Spotify’s John Denver radio. I heard the intro to Rocky Mountain High start to play. I’ve listened to this song several times, but I TOTALLY forgot about the opening line.

“He was born in the summer of his 27th year.”

I know we just spent the last year indoors/social distancing/in quarantine but I’m SO excited for all of us to come out of our homes with whatever is left of our pre-covid social skills. I’m currently working at two different restaurants, and they both have extremely different atmospheres. The transition from a winter in solitude, to working two serving jobs made me feel like an awkward golden retriever. There were SO many new people to talk to but I had no idea what to say so I just got really excited about everything.

Sometimes I have so many things that I ant to say but instead of getting the thoughts out in a linear pattern, I end up stumbling over my words. Instead of being all weird about it, I just simply stop myself and say “okay, let me start over.”

I joke about this with my tables pretty often and knowing that we’re all feeling the same way definitely offers some peace of mind. Anyway, I know not all of us are 27, but I hope that this summer, we can all be “reborn in the summer of our __ year.”


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