07/30: Floral Santa Party Shirt

Everyone has that one shirt hanging in their closet that is reserved for a very specific kind of event.

The one that you wouldn’t wear to a wedding reception, but you might wear to the after party. You won’t wear it to dinner, but you’ll rock it at brunch. You know, The Shirt.

I used to have a floral shirt that I found at a thrift store. The purchase was inspired after seeing a friend of mine post several photos of him rock climbing in various parts of the country and he’s always wearing some variation of what everyone else would call the Party Shirt, but for him its everyday attire. The original party shirt went missing at some point over the quarantine BUT I have another one with butterflies on it so I’m always ready.

While running drinks at work today, there was a person hanging out on the sunny roof deck while sipping a margarita. As I dropped off another marg for his friend, I noticed that he was wearing a red party shirt printed with flamingos, hibiscus flowers, pineapples, AND Santas. Immediately, I pointed at him and said “niiiiiiiice shirt!” and let me tell you, this guy’s face LIT UP. Apparently I was the only person to comment on it and it was really bumming him out that no one noticed the Santas, not even the friends at his table.

Anyway, little compliments like this can go a long way. Even if its not directed at a super cool party shirt, you should tell people they’re cool as often as possible – within reason, though. Read the room and don’t be creepy about it.

That’s all. Stay cool.

Btw, if you haven’t already…. Please take my survey, I’m only short by 5 volunteers.



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